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About Essence

KimKimberly Keceli has been in the field of Massage Therapy since 2003. As a graduate of the renowned Blue Sky School of Massage Therapy, Kim is also the owner of Essence. Kim is also a graduate of the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, (encompassing acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs) and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in traditional Chinese Nutrition. With Kim's strong background in traditional Chinese medicine, combined with her experience in massage therapy, she is able to customize a wide range and combination of services to best fit your health needs.

From the beginning- Kim was instilled with the belief of compassionate touch from infancy as she received massage from her mother to help calm and ease her. When asked why she chose a career in complementary medicine, Kim responded, " I know that touch can heal. I have seen it, and I have felt it".

When Kim is not running her busy practice she is a volunteer coach of gymnastics for the Campbellsport Athletic Association. She also enjoys traveling throughout Wisconsin, across the country and internationally with her husband Tedi and daughters Elza and Elara.

  KimTedi had a unique reaction to one of his treatments of biofeedback and at that point he knew that this machine had amazing capabilities that he wanted to share with others. He underwent countless hours of training and is now a Certified Biofeedback Technician ready to help you on your way to a better you.

Disclaimer: Biofeedback does not diagnose, cure, or treat illness.

Stress is the only condition a certified Biofeedback Therapist can identify and treat.

  • We are not doctors. We are practitioners.
  • We do not diagnose. We analyze information.
  • We do not treat. We assist in normalizing energetic imbalances.
  • We do not prescribe. We offer options to alleviate conditions.
  • We do not cure. We facilitate in normalizing a condition.

Shirley Koch is a level 2 Reiki Practitioner and is ready to help your body perform at its optimal level.  Shirley lives in Campbellsport with her husband and enjoys gardening and being with her grandchildren.  She has a relaxing personality and a caring demeanor.  To schedule an appointment with Shirley please give Essence a call or send us an email. 


If you have any questions or concerns about Massage, Acupuncture, Biofeedback or Herbal and Nutritional Therapy, please contact Essence via the Contact Us link.

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